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Scrapingdog can reduce your data collection time by up to 20% by creating a seamless data pipeline and reducing failed attempts.

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Ethan Lee Martin

"I love the scrapingdog api for making searches on google. Definitely 5 stars and I would give it more stars if it was possible. With scrapingdog I can collect various info from local gmb listings such as whether or not the listing has one or more of the following: Quote Button - Chat Button - Has it been Claimed - Google Posts - Profile Photos This helps me when I follow up with the gmb owner at a later time."

Position: Co-Founder

How Do We Compare?

Scrapingdog Offers More Features...& that too at half the pricing!!

Highest Success Rate

With Scrapingdog you get more than 99.4% success rate with major domains like Indeed, Amazon, Walmart, Zillow, etc. While ScraperAPI on the other hand has a low success rate against these domains. Infact with ScraperAPI you cannot even scrape indeed with normal GET request. As far as our pricing is concerned, our cost will be alomst half for certain domains(Example

More features at less price

With Scrapingdog you get more features and more reliability. We always say web scrapers should be reliable because any data blockage will destroy your data stream. Important Features like wait parameter, screenshot & success rate calculator are absent in ScraperAPI.

Scrapingdog ScraperAPI
Cost of 1 million API credits $90 $149
JavaScript Rendering credit cost 5 10
Credit cost for scraping Indeed & Amazon 1 5
Dedicated Linkedin API
Dedicated Google Search API
Success Rate with top level domains above 99% below 85%
Instant Scraping Tool
Scraping Scheduler
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"So far VERY pleased with how it is working! Set up took me 2 minutes compared to other alternatives. Also, I used one of their recent published scrapping guides, and it worked 100% as advertised!!"

Position: Founder


Economical and Reliable

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Smart Domain Security Level Detection

Scrapingdog uses combination of headless chrome and right proxy according to the level of protection used by the target website. Our API is so smart that it changes headers according to the domain. We focus on reducing the number of steps taken by the customer to get the desired result. With our API you just need to make abasic GET API and that is all!

ByPass any On Site Protection

Scrapingdog has a pool of 10M+ IPs, that pool has dedicated IPs for certain domains. Our API uses appropriate proxy and header combination to avoid any captcha.

Wait parameter & other APIs

Some websites takes longer time to load every component of the website due to excessive API calling. For this we use wait paramter to load the website completely before returning any result back to you. Scrapingdog also provides dedicated APIs for Google and Linkedin. With these APIs you can scrape any number of pages without getting blocked.

Faster & Reliable

With over 7 years of experience in web scraping our API delivers highest success rate for most of the domains. Our web scrapers are fast and non-blocking. We constantly keep changing our network to bring new IPs to keep the success rate higher at given point of time.


Get All The Useful Resources & Assistance

Our team is constantly striving hard to help you on every step!!

Better Documentation

Scrapingdog's documentation is super simple and straightforward. No matter what programming language you use for web scraping we have a dedicated page for almost all major languages. Check out our documentation

Web Scraping Tutorials & blogs

We have written tutorials on web scraping with almost every programming language. We have written web scraping articles for beginners and advance developers, covering almost all the languages and libraries. These tutorials might help you start your web scraping journey. Check out our blogs

24X7 Customer Support

Scrapingdog's customer support is just a message away. You can either reach out to us at our chatbox or email us at [email protected]

Tools for non-developers

Once you sign up you will find a tool on your dashboard where you can just paste your target URL and press that SCRAPE button to get the raw data from the website. From there itself you can copy the data and send it to anyone you like. Yes! it is that simple with Scrapingdog.

Pricing for every Budget

Try any plan for $0. No Credit Card is required for a signup.



Max 5 Concurrent Requests
  • 👉 200000 Requests Credits
  • 👉 Javascript Rendering
  • 👉 Datacenter & Residential Proxies
  • 👉 Linkedin & Google Search API
  • 👉 Geotargeting
  • 👉 No Email Support



Max 50 Concurrent Requests
  • 👉 1000000 Requests Credits
  • 👉 Javascript Rendering
  • 👉 Datacenter & Residential Proxies
  • 👉 Linkedin & Google Search API
  • 👉 Geotargeting
  • 👉 Priority Email Support



200+ Concurrent Requests
  • 👉 8000000+ Requests Credits
  • 👉 Javascript Rendering
  • 👉 Datacenter & Residential Proxies
  • 👉 Linkedin & Google Search API
  • 👉 Geotargeting
  • 👉 Priority Email Support
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