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Scrapingdog’s Google Search result scraper API Can Save you up to 78% while getting the same consistent results every time.

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"I used for scraping google. It is working ultra smooth. Good customer support."

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Optimized for Google Search Results

Through dedication and continuous refinement, we've engineered Scrapingdog to be one of the best API to scrape Google search results. With an impressive 99.5% accuracy rate, we ensure swift and precise data extraction, underscoring our commitment to excellence.

Dedicated Customer Support

At Scrapingdog, we believe in going beyond just offering a service; we're here to partner with you every step of the way. Our customer support team is not only trained to address technical queries but also to understand and anticipate your unique needs. Ask us anything (it should be related to scraping only though😛)

Scrapingdog SerpAPI
Cost of 100 thousand API credits $180 $800
Webhook Support
Success Rate 99.5% 99.5%
Response Time ~3 seconds ~1 second
Zapier Integration
Instant Scraping Tool
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"Very easy to use. The pricing is way way better than most of the competition. Quite happy and easy to integrate in production."

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Economical and Reliable

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Smart Domain Security Level Detection

Scrapingdog uses combination of headless chrome and right proxy according to the level of protection used by the target website. Our API is so smart that it changes headers according to the domain. We focus on reducing the number of steps taken by the customer to get the desired result. With our API you just need to make abasic GET API and that is all!

ByPass any On Site Protection

Scrapingdog has a pool of 10M+ IPs, that pool has dedicated IPs for certain domains. Our API uses appropriate proxy and header combination to avoid any captcha.

Wait parameter & other APIs

Some websites takes longer time to load every component of the website due to excessive API calling. For this we use wait paramter to load the website completely before returning any result back to you. Scrapingdog also provides dedicated APIs for Google and Linkedin. With these APIs you can scrape any number of pages without getting blocked.

Faster & Reliable

With over 7 years of experience in web scraping our API delivers highest success rate for most of the domains. Our web scrapers are fast and non-blocking. We constantly keep changing our network to bring new IPs to keep the success rate higher at given point of time.

Pricing for every Budget

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Max 5 Concurrent Requests
  • 👉 10000 google credits
  • 👉 No Email Support



Max 50 Concurrent Requests
  • 👉 50000 google credits
  • 👉 Email Support



200+ Concurrent Requests
  • 👉 400000+ google credits
  • 👉 Priority Email Support
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